About Us

TrackingBet is the world's only fully functional sports bet tracker. The service contains a large number of tools that allow you to effectively evaluate all the significant indicators of a bettor who makes bets in bookmakers. At the same time, tracking sports bets can be carried out at once by several bookmakers at the same time, and the system allows evaluating financial and quantitative statistics both overall and separately for each of them.

TrackingBet is the only bet tracker service where users can choose the format of odds – decimal, American, or British (fractional). You are able to change the format of odds at any time in the settings – when you change, the system will recalculate and display the indicators automatically.

TrackingBet is the only bet tracker in the world where you have an opportunity to keep statistics on the bets made according to the tips of the tipsters. You will be able not only realize the tips of which tipster leads to losses or, conversely, give a significant profit, but also see how profitable such bets are in relation to their value if they are paid.

TrackingBet is the only bet tracker system that analyzes commissions, taxes, and other possible fees charged by bookmakers and/or payment systems. Commissions on bets – from its amount or net profit, if any, are deducted automatically. What is more, the user, via the settings, can add absolutely any type of additional commissions and keep records of each of them.

TrackingBet is the only bet tracker where you can track the statistics of deposits made and withdrawals of winnings, as well as compare these financial transactions by bookmakers. In addition, the system allows you to enter data about the possible reserve of the bettor's funds that are not currently involved in the game against the bookmaker.

Today TrackingBet is a unique bettor's assistant when making bets in bookmakers or on betting exchanges. By analyzing the statistics, the bettor is able to correctly dispose of funds and timely change the strategy of the game against the bookmaker, thereby increasing the bets efficiency several times.

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